Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 End of Year Review

After visiting 80 stadiums (75 of these for the first time) last year I knew I wouldn't reach the same number in 2012 but even so, I did not manage to get to as many games as I would've liked. During this year I visited a total of 32 stadiums (23 of these for the first time) across 16 English counties as well as one in Wales. Below is a run-down of the statistics of my year:

Total stadiums visited: 32
Number of stadiums visited for the first time: 23
Games seen: 41
Number of goals: 122
Goals per game average: 2.98
Highest number of goals in a game: 8 goals (Bristol Rovers 7-1 Burton Albion)
Lowest number of goals in a game: 0 goals (Darlington 0-0 Grimsby Town)
Largest margin of victory: 6 goals (Bristol Rovers 7-1 Burton Albion)
Highest attendance: 70,438 (Great Britain 1-0 Uruguay)
Lowest attendance: 22 (St Margaretsbury 2-1 Leverstock Green)
Teams most seen: Colchester United (9), Brentford/Northampton Town/Portsmouth/Sheffield United/Stanway Rovers (2)
Stadiums by country: England (31), Wales (1)
Stadiums by county: London (6), Essex (5), Hertfordshire (3), Greater Manchester (2), South Yorkshire (2), Suffolk (2), Bristol (1), Cheshire (1), County Durham (1), Kent (1), Hampshire (1), Lancashire (1), Northamptonshire (1), West Midlands (1), West Sussex (1), West Yorkshire (1), Worcestershire (1)

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