Monday, 19 December 2011

2012 Preview

2011 was my first year of groundhopping and during the year I visited a total of 80 stadiums across 16 English counties as well as one in Wales and one in Monaco. I don't expect to reach that number again in 2012 but am still planning on heading to a good few grounds this year.

Having added all pre-2011 stadium reviews to the blog, I will from now on only be making new posts each time I visit a stadium for the first time. Some of the reviews from the beginning of 2011 were a little thin on the ground in both information and photos as I didn't know at the time I would be starting a blog! As a result, I will revisit a number of these in 2012 and update the original posts so they are in keeping with the more detailed reports made during the latter half of this year.

I have recently altered the design of the site somewhat, with the stadium links in the sidebar now split into sections rather than one long list. In addition I have now launched a Groundhopper United page on Facebook and will be updating that during the year.

I have some ideas on new stadiums to visit in 2012 though am not sure beyond a handful so it remains to be seen as to which grounds I will end up at during the course of the year. Thanks to those who visited in the first year of the site, and please continue to follow!

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